OceanBlue Hosting was established in the year 2015. Company staff is having more than a decade of experience in web hosting industry. OceanBlue Hosting is dedicated to your hosting needs. We have many customers who have started from 1-2 websites using our services and features provided by us. We never give out details of our clients to anyone as they are running an independent on line internet business though they are using our services and we are working for them in background.

All OceanBlue Hosting servers reside on a wholly owned multi-gigabit redundant Cisco network, maintained by our dedicated network engineering team. Extensive global transit connections combined with LINX and private peering ensures the fastest route to our servers for the ultimate broadband enabled browsing experience.

We believe that our success is due to our profound technical expertise and unmatched quality of customer care. We strive to build personal relationships with our customers. We believe in treating every customer with the same respect, caring and honesty that we would with our personal friends.

Although we keep our traditional business values, we are not afraid of changes. We have always been early adopters of new technologies. We continuously explore new and innovative solutions to keep our customers up to date on technology.

We believe that establishing a successful world-class web presence should be easy and affordable. We strive to improve our customers’ success by providing the best reliable and consistent tools and services at affordable prices.